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Dr. Michael Iwama!

Wow. That’s all I can say after meeting Dr. Michael Iwama, founder of the Kawa (river) Model. As graduation approaches (7 days!), we had a Scholarship Day, where we presented our findings from our research projects. For the past 6 months, we developed, planned, implemented, and analyzed data for various research projects. So at Scholarship Day, we presented our findings to the entire faculty, as well as the keynote speaker.

We were fortunate enough to have Dr. Michael Iwama come in from the University of Toronto to give his keynote speech. His speech today was about culture, and how it can be defined as people who come from different spheres of experiences. Overall, it was a great speech. It is really interesting how people from different cultures conceptualize occupation and the way intervention should be. After meeting Dr. Iwama, I discovered that he is a “cool” guy, who is very interested in hearing what you have to say, and has a great demeanor.

As the only male graduating this semester, I made sure to get a picture of the two of us, and when I posted it on my Facebook account, he even commented on it! Not only that, but he responded to my email, when I thanked him for coming.

So in summary, this was a great day, as I got to meet one of the up and coming influential people in occupational therapy. I happen to like this model a lot, and see it as being very useful in working with patients from different cultures. Everyone should check out his website, as well as the discussion forums, which Dr. Iwama checks regularly and responds to people’s questions and comments.

Just out of curiosity, are any of my readers familiar with the Kawa Model? Should I make a post about the model?


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OT in the Army

Here’s a cool video of an occupational therapist at Walter Reed Hospital:

May 13, 2007 at 8:51 pm 2 comments

I’m male!

This has come up a few times in emails that people have sent me, so I just wanted to set the record straight: I’m male! OT practice says that only 5% of all OT’s are male*, so I definitely understand the confusion. But I did just want to make it clear to everyone that I am male.

*American Occupational Therapy Association. (2006). 2006 AOTA workforce and compensation survey: Occupational therapy salaries and job opportunities continue to improve. [Electronic Version]. OT Practice, 11(17), 10-12.

May 9, 2007 at 2:05 am 4 comments

Song dedicated to Occupational Therapy

As we all know, April is Occupational Therapy Month. Well, Boaz from Boaz and the Band wrote a song specifically for us OT’s! It’s a great song that touches on all sorts of activities of daily living, cognition, and the need for OT in addition to speech and physical therapy.

Sit back and enjoy!

Here are the lyrics, which I typed as fast as I could while listening to the song. Hopefully, I got at least most of them right:

OT song:
I woke up this morning
I couldn’t even get out of bed
I stumbled on my feet to brush my teeth
and I didn’t have the strength…to find my sink

It sounds like I need some OT
It sounds like I need some OT
It sounds like I need some occupational therapy

So they dragged me out of bed
To do some therapy activity
To bake a cake and fold some clothes
They told me I can’t go home
unless I’m safe when I’m alone
It looks to me instead…that someone is just lazy

It sounds like I need some OT
It sounds like I need some OT
It sounds like I need some occupational therapy

So if you find yourself putting on your t-shirt wrong
or sometimes wondering if you’ve left your stove on
Lets make it very clear…You don’t need physical therapy

It sounds like you need some OT
It sounds like you need some OT
It sounds like you need some occupational therapy

Now wait a minute, is there a speech therapist in the house?

It sounds like you need some OT
It sounds like you need some OT
It sounds like you need some occupational therapy

Sometimes we forget about that other therapy
we always seem to think physical therapy
but without OT, people are going to think…and would be stinky

So thank you, OT
For all you do, thank you
Thank you, thank you occupational therapy

You need some OT? You know you do!
Who’s the vice president?
You need some OT? Your shoelaces are untied
You need some OT? Your fly is open
You need some OT? You know you want some?
You need some OT? You know you do.

(Hat tip: Penny via SG)

May 4, 2007 at 1:45 am 11 comments

Getting a Job and New Links Added

I know it has been a while since my last post, but things have been a little busy with school, getting ready for graduation, and getting a job. Yep, I said getting a job. Because as of early last month, I am officially employed! I will be working in an acute care setting at an area hospital. I’m very excited about this position, and can’t wait to start!

It seems like a year ago, there was no such thing as an OT blog. But with blogs becoming more popular with just about everyone, several OT blogs have recently popped up. So make sure to check out several of the new links I posted on the right side of this screen.

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